Meet The Bloggers

Ahmiere Mosby- Associate producer, panelist, and blog content manager, Ahmiere has dedicated his time to bringing his writing skills to the team. As a senior, Ahmiere enjoys creative writing, and hopes to pursue the major in college. He attends Nevada State High School, and believes Teen Talk helps him take his skills to the next level.

"I remember coming here as a guest on the radio, and that day I could really feel the energy and family culture that Teen Talk has. It was something I wanted to be apart of, and when I got the acceptance to join the team, I was ecstatic. Being here is important to me, we have a group of young individuals who care about the people and environment around them and care enough to make it better as well. When I expressed my love for writing, they immediately helped me put it to work and evolve into this aspect of blogging. It is something special the way this program has opened up several more opportunities for me to expand my potential."

Ahmiere is also working on the publishing of his short story, "Remember The Hurt", an amazing autobiography.


Sophia Morris- Associate producer, panelist, and blog content assistant. Sophia is a new member of Teen Talk, and plans to grow and learn all of the positions. Sophia is a freshman in high school, and plans to graduate early in 2022.

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