Ask A Teen Talker

We are teens just like the many out in the world and the few listening in on our shows and involved around our activities. We always encourage everyone to let their voices be heard and express themselves.

So, we created the idea to ask our teen talkers questions on life and get their multiple perspectives.


I found in some of my studies this week an assignment that asked me to express my opinion on bullying. It is important to know how bullying can negatively affect someone's life. It is not an idea anyone should have to envision, let alone go threw. The aftermath of bullying could affect the lives of many. I encourage those reading this to step up in the fight against bullying. Let people know how beautiful they are, and that who they are matters. It costs nothing to make someone smile, but it could costs much more to neglect the feelings of another individual.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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