Real Teens! Real Talk!

Every Saturday at 12:00pm(PST)

Power 88*KCEP FM 88.1*Las Vegas

Owned and operated by The Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County, a 501c3 non-profit organization

How to Audition

  1. Download  & Complete the Application (click the JOIN link above) 

  2. Email and ask for an Audition Number.This will hold your place in line on the day of the event (Teens with audition numbers will be auditioned before those without one)  

  3. Bring your completed application with you to the audition

  4. Click Here to see which positions are available to audition for Teen Talk

NOTE:  MUST BE available Saturdays from 11am to 3pm.  Must be able to dedicate at least 2 hours during the week.  


350 W Washington Ave. ste 125

Las Vegas, NV 89106

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